What is birding?

If you’re like many, you probably enjoy taking a break from your busy life to every now and then sit and reflect somewhere in nature -- maybe around a nice body of water, on a nature trail, or at a scenic park. And while you may enjoy nature, spotting unique flower blooms, listening to crashing waves, or even watching birds, you’ve probably recently learned about the term “birding” and curious to learn - what’s this all about? What is birding? Birding or birdwatching as it’s

4 Hot Spots to Go Birdwatching in the Alabama Black Belt

Ready to get your feet wet on another birding adventure, but not sure what new places you might be able to explore? With over 800 species of birds in North America and 430 bird species documented in Alabama, your love for birding or birdwatching you might lead you to exploring this southern state to check more bird sightings off your list. Whether you’re a resident of Alabama or simply touring, you might be wondering which new birds you have a chance to spot when you’re in Al